Carolyn Trafford Art

Inspiration comes from getting close to nature.

Maker of Beautiful Silver Things.

Mixed Media - Textile & Photographic Artist

Why Choose Us?

Hi I'm Carolyn, life long creator and lover of all things nature.

The closeup beauty of the natural world inspires me to produce my art, exploring the environments that others may overlook. Focusing on the minute detail in my photography, it reveals textures, patterns and colours not normally visible.  

Based in Leek in the Staffordshire Moorlands I live in a beautiful part of the world and want to share elements so that others can enjoy it too.

Sharing may be in the form of a photograph, textile piece or in a little piece of precious silver.

Where possible I use scrap fabric, and work ethically.  Silver Clay is a waste product from industry and I turn it into beautiful pieces you'll treasure forever.

Just received the Hawthorne necklace and it’s utterly beautiful! Thank you so much

Cathy Bundy
Online shopper

About Us



I've been creating for as long as I can remember.  As a child I used to sit and embroider butterflies and flowers onto squares.  After leaving school I moved awy from textiles and into photography.  After a 24 yr career in financial services I have returned to my passion of creating, using it to transform peoples lives as a Creative Freedom Coach and to create beautiful textile art inspired by my own photography and now in stunning little silver treasures worn by my customers as pendants.


I work from home and don't currently have a physical shop.  You will find me on the regular Sunday Supplement Market in Leek - 1st Sunday of the month (exc Jan) and at local art events.  Please get in touch for an up to date list of events.  

I am looking for other opportunities to sell locally.


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